September 07, 2008

Koizora (Sky of love)

watch it through each episod.. alalalala :)
koizora [episod 1 part 1 of 5]

one of my favourite movie :) About Hiro (Miura Haruma) & Mika (Aragaki Yui). A sad story though. But the story giv us bout the meaningfull of love.. i guess :)) hey, i read the info at the astro bout this story.. i just watched it.. at 6 in the morning till 8 a.m.. it said ; this story move over 11 millions girls shade tears in japan.. this is japanese movie :p still can b watch everyday at box office 951.. it always repeat the story.. owh.. wanna cry :'( so.. i got a lil bit of the story by copying from sum1 blog ^_^ for anybody who read this.. watch this movie! :)


Taken straight from another person’s words, “… Koizora is a love story about a young girl falling in love for the first time, cherishing that love despite years apart, and finally found the courage to love only that one man for the rest of her life, even when he’s gone…” Basically, the story is about Mika, who is innocent and naïve, falls in love with the school’s troublemaker, Hiro. So deeply do they love each other that they were willing to bear the baby they conceived, and even when Hiro is diagnosed with cancer, they find the strength to prolong their love, casting it in eternity to the blue sky.

Y’know, the typical story where Guy and Girl falls in love and vows that their love will never break, only to discover love CAN be broken with cancer and one dies, and THERE’S NO HAPPY ENDING. Yup, I still can’t believe - after ALL these years of watching clichéd one-of-the-characters-dies-of-a-cancer-boohoo-happy-ending-doesn’t-exist stories (which made me despise the mainstream Kdramas to the core and convert to Jdramas), and now I find myself watching the same thing all over again and ACTUALLY CRYING! *ohsofails*

But of course, this is still a Japanese movie, hence some hope left! I was rather compelled to the story when I read about it (turned off by the cancer part, but still, curiouscuriouscurious), and wanted to watch it at cinemas when I saw the poster at Kinokuniya, but showtime had expired so I didn’t have a chance T_T What was so appealing about this story is that, it tries to send a message about how beautiful love can be, transcending all that is in the world, and how it can manifest into something that represents the immortality of that love. Poetic, huh? Well… I’m a sucker for beautifully-portrayed love. OHGOSH.

So, the movie! It started beautifully, with Mika riding a train back home and reminiscing about her past. I was pretty eager and expectant at the beginning, and rather impressed by deep sense of beauty there. However… I thought the way Hiro stole Mika’s phone and erasing all her contacts… sounds very much stalkerish, no? Yes, it’s supposed to lead them to talking to each other on the phone, but still, if Miura Haruma isn’t such a goddamn fine-looking Hitsugaya Toushiro-lookalike, I’d deem him a stalker *nods* Also, doesn’t it seem too… rushed that they already have sex right after their first kiss? And funny how she suddenly gets raped (I would’ve preferred if the ex-gf showed up and fired up some drama BEFORE avenging), and then to make up Mika and Hiro has sex in the SCHOOL LIBRARY (how kinky, never thought a library could have such interesting uses… XD), which led Mika to be pregnant, AAAAND (i need to learn how to use full stops) the ex-gf pushes her down a 4-feet-tall staircase, but weirdly Mika doesn’t feel the miscarriage pain until hours later. It’s all so mind-boggling that it left me a litle irked, to be honest.

There’re also parts where I wish they wouldn’t be so cheesy. At times I felt like Haruma and Aragaki Yui needed to show more emotions in their expression and not remain stoic and indifferent (Asians seem to be very good at that o_O), but then again, they’re Japanese XD

Okay skipping all the draggish part where Hiro breaks up with Mika, all because he doesn’t want to hurt her knowing he’s going to die soon. The second half of the movie got me a little impatient and that’s when I started fast-forwarding a lot. Even when Mika and Hiro reunites, where are the overflowing emotions?! I’m not very satisfied with the movie, but yes, I understand how they’re trying to portray this beautiful love, and that’s how I started crying out of nowhere when Hiro died and Mika could only speak to him through video conferencing. I love the significance of their mobile phones in the movie, because it’s what got them closer and holds them together.

Especially the ending - where Mika is given Hiro’s diary where he wrote about her all the time (stalkerish but I was sobbing!), and he drew a picture of them with their unborn child, showing how much they wanted the child. At the end, back to the present on the train, Mika is still wearing their cheap silver bands on a chain around her neck, and she says that “I will always love the blue sky, because he is watching me from above,” and that’s when the river broke loose T_T It’s sooooo beautiful and poetic that it makes you break down in tears, literally!

the sad moment & a sweet too though :)

Now, despite all the cheesiness, the dragging scenes, the indifferent Japanese-stoic faces, the beautiful scenery and the beautiful love and the tear-jerking ending made it up. Like? Yup

If you’re up for attacking the box of tissue and emerging with a fuzzy sensation in your heart, watch it now!

p/s ; koizora have a movie version & also a drama version