May 14, 2009

Replacement Teacher

people whom we know for a long long time will give a great impact on us when they leave us. people do comes and go. yesterday, i got a new schedule for my class which will starting after holiday in June. i love my addmat teacher. eventhough she dressup like in 70's?

she was the best teacher ever! and today we received the sad news. beliau tidak lagi akan mengajar kelas kami untuk masa akan datang. akan diganti dengan Cikgu C*** S*** Lai.

luckily Cikgu T** continue discuss about past year questions. if not, i probably drop tears. almost all the girls try to hold their tears. but im sure im going to miss my addmat teacher. she have been our teacher since last year.

one of the boys said .

" sumpah emosional wei "

Pesanan terakhir cikgu :

" lepas ni cikgu tak dapat nak cakap what u should do, no more yelling and give you advice on your exam marks, other teacher will do that. harapan cikgu kamu semua dapat score for midyear ni. cikgu bangga kalau dalam buku laporan cikgu tak ada langsung pen merah. cikgu nak kamu semua berjaya. nothing is impossible."

"semua orang boleh berubah kalau diri sendiri yang nak. cikgu tak nak sebab cikgu tak ada korang abaikan pelajaran."

p/s : we'll be missing you :)