June 03, 2009

Eduweb Tv . Addmat . Extra Class

please click this link to view a video :D video yg dirakam oleh eduwebtv di sekolah aku suatu ketika dahulu ;) tak sangka ada juga rupeku di dalam video itu :D

so today have been the 3rd days i went to school. pretty boring. it doesnt fair actually since pure science students only have extra class for 2 days only. and people who's taking account have to come almost everyday except for friday, saturday and sunday to attend many kinds of classes. plus there wasnt any food provided -.-

the extra class ends at 1pm. and we have a break at 10.30.

yesterday i was really really busy with my addmat project.. i did went for xtra classes but i was to busy taking people answer for the project :D n when its break, i went out n never show up.. i was busy doing my project.. bukan fly ;)

since my dad only gave me rm2 to spend ;( dun hav enough money to eat! all of my frens ate at A&W. so tell me how shall i spend it? so im just looking at them eating the burger with no mercy on me.

finally my addmat project are done.

i just knew that my paper 1 for addmat are pass! unpredictable but im sure i failed for paper 2. but luckily i score for paper 1.thank God :) Alhamdulillah ^^

this photos were taken when i was in Malacca :D
the quality wasnt that good.

teacher's daughter with Pilah :)

they were busy eating :D

lastly, me :)