December 30, 2009

Boy, I remember...

Boy, I remember the day I first met you.
I remember you wasnt looking at me.

Boy, I remember the songs you gave to me.
You said it was your favourite.
I sing the song everynight before I go to sleep.
now, I cried whenever I heard it.

Boy, I remember the first gift you gave to me.
You draw it for me.
It was the sweetest thing and I still keep it.

Boy, I remember what was the first movie we watch together.
I remember how cold you are.
I remember how you're trying to hold my hand.

Boy, I remember those favourite football team you love.
I remember you were mad because the team lost the game.
I remember you ignore me for that.

Boy, I remember how sick you are when you met me.
I remember how warm is your body.
I remember how you're trying to be there for me.

Boy, I remember you were there.
I remember you're trying to make me laugh when everyone seems to be away.
You said you will never let me fall.
I remember you gave me that song (Your Guardian Angel)

Boy, I remember how you look so happy when you know you got that scholarship.
I remember how you feeling sad about your SPM result.
I remember how proud I am for you.

Boy, I remember when you asked me to choose a Bear.
I remember how blushing I am.

Boy, I remember how depressed I am when I knew you're going to be far away from here.
I remember how you trying to make me happy.

Boy, I remember how hard you did to teach me Add Math.
I remember you feeling down when I failed again.
I remember you said you will help me to stand on my feet.

Boy, I remember you show up in front on my house after 9months,
I remember how tired you are to get here.
I remember when you lied to me just to make me feel better.

Boy, I remember when you trying to be there for me.
I remember how busy you are with your studies.
I remember when you forgot our annivessary.

Boy, I remember you used to call me late at night.
I remember you always fall asleep when I was busy onlining.
I remember you look so calm when I was nagging +_+

Boy,I remember every single thing you did.
yes I remember I took you for granted.

Never thought it will end this way.
People seems to forget.
Its hard for me to move on but people keep asking me to.

There's so many people who close to me have been away from here.
Twin, Bestfriend.
So far away.

Boy, I'll leave. sorry for bothering you again. maybe I just cant live without you.
In a matter of time, I will accept the facts. forgive me for this entry.

p/s : mood sedih balik.


cikin said...

ala..sedey aku..
waaa..jgn la sedey2 gi..

NadNod said...

hahaha.. aku cube x sedih +_+

[Dr Nu@r] said...

^_^ i remember it too..huhu

NadNod said...

thanks :)