December 05, 2009

New Moon

As the day passed by, finally got the chance. chance to have fun and some entertainment after almost a month suffering. suffering to survive at the end. SPM almost over. almost, not already over. yet, i still got a chance to watch New Moon. suprised me. the seats wasnt full at all. when we bought the ticket, we were the first buyer. of course it gives a big smile on my face and i almost flew away for that happiness.


ahmad said...

ku tengok high school musical 1 and 2 d disney channel tadi...hehehe

syerah z said...

kak naddd!
sini new moon takde scene potong potong pun haha :D
ending dia sangat hampeh.

de Picasso said...

bkn ke shark boy n lava girl ke?hehe~

NadNod said...

to ahmad : smlm sempat tgk high school musical 1 je.. 2 dan 3 x sempat langsung ;)

to syerah : x, my sister lyn keempat2 buku twilight, new moon and etc.. sbrnya bnyk scene jacob lgi ;D die tunjuk skit je.. haih.. x best la ending new moon

to picasso: dh lame x tgk, so tajuk pun merepek.. haha ;D shark boy ea? hehe

syerah z said...

ohh eh? haha malu je salah paham.
yep yep, betul tuh. ending sgt tak best -_____-

NadNod said...

haha ;D syerah nk mane? jacob or edward :P