February 25, 2010

Baby, come back

i walk through this path. i might think im alone by my own. but i was wrong. i met new person every steps i take. its funny. i thought i would be that silly girl who always give a broken smile through her way.

i started to play around. i started to make friends. i started to stare at people somehow without no reason. i used to be so breathless without you. getting cold at night. even trying to text you every night. that was silly. and those feeling i used to have was great. i keep on moving forward without noticing it.

you did come into my life. gave me light to this dull life. happiness. sadness. up and down. we become closer every day. we get to know each other every seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and even years. but i know you will know theres something wrong with me.

im not changing. maybe that is the real me. paranoid. pathetic. i keep on texting just to let you know how much i miss you. but in the end i remain quiet. not because i forget you but literally to give a chance for you to think of me or miss me. maybe you'll miss me someday. maybe you'll forget me sometimes. maybe you'll find another.

its not the end. people can keep moving on. but i wont. i still keep this feeling for you. no matter what, love is love. its great for you to not have me around. you'll feel calm. you'll be more happier. thats why i wouldnt mind you walk out of my life just like that. im not blaming you or anyone.

i dont like to put the blame on others. as the day passed by, i realize how pathetic i am to you. no, i wont stop you. i wont ask you to come back because it just a little too late for me to do so. if you do miss me, look at the sky.

quiet regret on what i did. although theres some behaviour of yours that bring me heartache, i still love you though. maybe you wont come back. but im still waiting no matter what. i know you're not going to read this coz you've been away for a long time now.

i wonder if you would be there on that very special day.


baru-baru ini baru sahaja meng-upload video karaoke bersama rakan di facebook. ini adalah video yang tak menjadi. tidak dapat upload video yang menjadi sebab saiz video yang agak besar meng-complicated-kan urusan nak upload di sini.

p/s : memang berharap dia kembali. thats so wrong -.-


fitri oh fitri said...

wah, gambar chantek. english super power, kata2 seperti shakespeare.


NadNod said...

super la sangat +_+ thanks anyway :)