February 12, 2010

The Past

I'm leaving him not because i gave up on him
but because he gave up on me.

I leave because i think it is for the best.
i became cruel coz i believe it is for the best too.

its not your fault or my fault.
i did give my best towards the word "us".
maybe theres nothing we could do to fix that.

i waited for a long time for you to come back.
but seriously im feeling good without you nowadays.
i feel good about myself.
i feel good about how i look every each day.
im not like you used to know.
the one who have problems dressing up and to deal with problems +_+

i make some new friends.
im getting closer to my bestfriend after a huge fight.
i know i deserve better.
and i know you do too.

sometimes i do miss you.
but it doesnt mean i want you back.
its not like i dont need you.
its you who dont need me.

thanks for all the supports you've given in.
thanks for those suprises that still make me smile whenever i think about it.
i do love suprises :)

im posting this silly thing.
for surely just to tell you i'm perfectly fine.
im moving on.
and i dont even realise that until now.
how im grateful for that.

this annoying girl wont be a woes to you.
besides, i do want you to be happy for the rest of your days.
i wont nag, i wont yell.

i know its already over.
one day we become good friends.
who knows?

after breaking up, i eat less and less everyday.
getting skinny :D
but now, im chubby again.
thanks to bigmac and all the junk food.
it showed im happy now :)

you can fly away now.
dont bother to come back.
coz i wont be there to say i miss you.

p/s : im fat and im happy :D


de Picasso said...

yeah!!just live ur life 2 da fullest..nver look back again~hehe..=]

NadNod said...

insyallah :)