March 13, 2010

Booo Emo

i look at myself in the mirror. looking at my own reflection. i think of the past. slowly this wall keep building up and high. slowly i create a new wall around it. slowly my heart break down to pieces. i keep on holding it. wishing it back into pieces.

urghh, PMS. i hate it. coz now im feeling down. really. stupid. i need my mood. i want a handphone. i want to go out. i want to eat. i want bigmac. i want to sleep all day.

when my sister ask me what im going to be in the future, i was froze. err err. im not sure what i love. im not sure im really good in English to take TESL. naaah, im sure im going to fail that.

i saw they fighting. i saw they arguing. i saw they accusing. i saw the misunderstood. i saw the one who stay and i saw who asking to leave. its heart breaking. im not in the situation. but then i realize if i did get involve in this love thingy, my life will turns dark somehow. it will never last.

i'll wait for the one who stand by my side to help me gained the strength.

well well. songs are important. reflects my mood. mari layan lagu The Only Exception by Paramore. cool :')

okay. mood emo datang kembali sampai nak taip pun otak blank. i hate this mood. tak baik benci hidup. by the way, im not good taking care of other people heart. i let you go then and i'll let you change. goodluck in new life.

p/s : T_T