May 24, 2010

Promoting to separate ❤

it seems funny when something reminds me of my highschool life back then. to be honest, i hate my highschool life. like seriously for now. i do wish i would meet new people to be friend with. i love to forget my past. and i hope no one would bring it up to me ever again. but i would love to keep those who have been there for me long time ago :')

yesterday was my ex's 18th birthday. i was excited to wish him. since i love this number(23), i remember everyone birthdays if only they were born on 23rd. because of this obsession towards this particular number. all my ex-es do related to this number. 3 out of 4 was born on 23rd. it sounds weird -.- like i was planning to do so.

apa-apa pun, i've found my ex's facebook yesterday. rasa lega lepas berjaya search beliau di segala corok facebook. classmate ketika di tingkatan 3 reminds me of something. dulu saya suka conteng kain sekolah saya dengan nama 'dia' menggunakan pen biru. sungguh kain sekolah dulu banyak name dia. but the relationship wasnt last long. after one month we broke up.

ape-ape pun. im fine with it. since itu adalah cinta monyet ;) and we still friends till now. and please please, saya tidak suka/sayang dia lagidah. people love to tease me with him till now. -.- especially Asip. till now he keeps telling me how charming he is.....


ok, this would be the 498th post for this blog. well done Naadhirah.

p/s : im just not ready for any kind of relationship.


chybee said...

wah sanggup tu conteng kain sekolah letak nama die..tak hilang ke nama tu kalau cuci? hehehe

NadNod said...

hehe ;p zaman tak matang lagi tu. sampai sekarang tak hilang lagi even dah banyak kali basuh -.-

[Dr Nu@r] said...

haha..kelakar ;)TU SUME KENANGAN..XYAH LA NAK, tercaps lock lak..tapi xnak padam balik..haha..

byknye ~~

NadNod said...

@[Dr Nu@r]

haha, yela. kenangan yang tak patut dikenang dah. sila caplocks lagi ;)