June 01, 2010

Fly ❤

erm. im speechless.





sudah masuk 1 Jun. im absolutely happy. sudah setengah tahun berkondisi begini. hanya tahu makan. i met some new friends recently and learnt something.

Looking back it was all so easy
I hope you know you're my last mistake
Don't come around and say you need me
I won't stay

Now I know that you were so deceiving
was it fun for you to walk away
I hope you liked it

p/s: i just want to see the people i love are happy. goodluck with that. im fine.


[Dr Nu@r] said...

ntahnye, bila nak masuk study ni??lamo dah rehat tu..haha

NadNod said...

@[Dr Nu@r]

26jun lambat lagi. tak lama lagi masuklah :)