August 11, 2010

Berbaur Emo ❤

i never thought i would make it through this far. its been good. although kadang-kadang rasa macam tidak cukup kuat nak bertahan, i manage to do so. every times i met new friends, they keep telling me i am too nice. well, when it comes to someone who likes me, they told me that im different. too honest and i always say things directly and clearly and i always show how care i am.

mungkin mereka masih tidak nampak the real me lagi kan.

no, i dont mind sitting by myself or walking by myself. and i still dont mind finding out i was left behind by others. i get used to it. i live with these kinds of people. and i learn to accept the cycle.

but yes, i do feel a bit emotional when i know theres nobody going to listen to me like every single day. whenever i start to talk, people seems like they are hearing me. but i truly know they didnt listen. they always keep interrupting. here, people love to interrupt everything that you do or say. and it does intimidate me.

thanks to those from my past that come back. really. i appreciate it a lot. i forgive you long time ago. before you realise your mistakes. but i know. maybe theres just no future between us. i just knew. yeah, i always feel good whenever you text me. called me. anda boleh tanya kawan baik saya, Asip, bertapa excitednya saya ya :'P

but it takes time for me to get over it. insyallah in the couple of months i will move on and the pain will fades away. go on..

p/s : still hoping. lol