August 12, 2010

Changes ❤ Fixed

thanks to a friend of mine yang sudi susah payah tolong belikan charger handphone saya suatu ketika dahulu kemudian tolong belikan mouse baru pula untuk saya. lepasni saya mahu request earphones.

saya hanya mintak tolong belikan. semestinya saya bayar kembali :)


tunjuk gambar gembira sebelum entry pendek berbaur emosional lagi sekali ;p


i always knew you were different from the rest. i always knew you'll be there whenever i need you. i always knew you will call when you said you will. i always knew you're being honest. well, times changed. people changed. feelings changed. knowing you was the best thing that ever happen. and im glad we have the chance to compromise recently.

i keep on arguing but the same thing. yes. too harsh.

no, its never been your fault or theirs who used to be mine either. go on.