September 07, 2010

Intention ❤

since i always think negatively, it brings me to something unsure and unknown situation. i always holding grundge for some reasons and let it go with forgiveness which the particular person dont even try to ask or begging for it. i will never forget what they did and their intention to hurt me by their actions and words.

i am always trying to put aside the feeling that might hurt me someday. i just love being on my own for now. funny as it seems, i dont know what is the main reason i bought a new handphone on the first place. i got no one to text with everyday. since im at home, my mom and dad wouldnt call me right -.-''

i met some really random guy which kinda sweet. yeah. its a trap. i know they have bad intention towards me. one of them. i believe him. i gave him the chance to get to know me. its kinda awkward talking personal stuff here. to make it short,he played me. fooled me. leave for no reason at all.

i've been through this situation. many time. my exs. did that :) pheww. deep wound. very deep. but its okay. i keep on moving forward. im not believing in that 'thing' anymore. why bothering about it anyway. theres nothing to cry about. thanks to them who teach me a lesson :D

will never give anyone a chance again.


Mario said...

tula...sometimes life mmg cenggitu...hope it will make you strong and matured...

NadNod said...

@Mario yeah, pengalaman mengajar erti kehidupan :D