September 16, 2010

Random Talk ❤

i've changed a lot perhaps. im ignoring you not because i hate you or even mad at you. i know somehow if we met, it wouldnt be the same like before. i know the way you look at me would be different. the bond we built would be different. the way you smile would be different. im scared to face that on my own. i know the best way is to stay away. im still not strong enough to meet you up so i conclude many excuses just to be apart from you.

i said it to myself, "kalau ada jodoh, mesti bertemu secara kebetulan."

i am being paranoid. my mood change drastically nowadays. and i hate facing the fact my bestfriend which is the one closest to me actually are the one who left me out and not feeling sorry at all. i've been there for him/her(?). well, he's/she's(?) not.

you is you. you -.- the one who have given me crystal hedgehog. who gave me a chance to change to be a better person. who pursuade me to never give up. who stay up late at night just to accompany every night. well, you did fall asleep. always.

who introduce me to cocca.

im not strong enough to face you and pretend it was okay that its over now. till we meet again next year. sudah genap hampir setahun tak berjumpa~