November 03, 2010

By Le Love . Keluhan❤

So for whoever you are, I want you to like me of your own accord. Not because I drop hints or dye my hair to suit your favor. Not because your friends tell you to or try to talk me up to you. Not because I wear the clothes I know you like and not because I make excuses to text you every day. Not because I’ve always been around and not because it seems like the nice or right thing to do. I want you to like me because you do.

i'm not always going to be around and not always be there for you when you needed me. honestly i have to let you go for no specific reason. love can tear us apart somehow. my mistakes for letting you in to fulfill my happiness and my loneliness.

thanks for being a really good friend. i have the guts to move on once again.

once i delete you, i'll forget you by and by. time is the matter. wether i take a long journey to forget everything what we've been through or maybe for a short-term. depends on heart. like people always said, we can close our eyes to things we do not want to see but we can't close our heart for things that happen accidently.


i can't explain why my friends here keep bugging me about love and relationship. it seems funny since it is such a weird thing to do to have a boyfriend in the same University. Worse, in the same class. HAHA.

kalau gaduh satu kelas akan tahu. no no. nak suka saje-saje tak mengapa kan? :D

gila gatal siak. *terkasar bahasa*