November 16, 2010

Thanks ❤

sangat bersyukur tahu berjumpa dengan such a great person like you are. you listen to me when no one would. you even ran after me, although you know i won't turning back. even if i scold you and used harsh words in front of my friends, you stood there and smile. you always try to work things out. although u loveeeeeeee to give me extra push towards something, you still a truly amazing person.

you never fail to fulfill your promises to is hard for you to admit that you love me from the very beginning kan kan? oh yeah, i hate teaching. remember the time i teach you about bank reconcilation? satu hapaq pun anda tidak faham. but STILL, you're listening and focus on me. HAHA

thanks for the ice cream. although i was mad at you, you still bought me one in front of our friends.thanks for the waffle. thanks for the ride. thanks for those amazing jokes u made.

and yeah, i do love you, my friend. bestfriend forever aite? :D

thanks for being there. and thanks for trying to calm me down when i am in a bad mood. because of trying to do so, you got scolded by me AGAIN :( but still you said it wasnt my fault. it was yours. and again we forgive and forget. how cute is that :'D

and you're the only person who told me i was skinny enough. i EAT A LOT. and u understand well about that. disebabkan saya suka makan lambat pun u willing to wait kan. haha, please jangan order mee. akan dimakan selai selai tahu? -.-

thanks for those sweet songs you dedicate to me. lepasni tolong ajar math ya. but sorry, next sem i cant teach you accountancy. i suck in teaching although i do well in my exam -.-'' i do not know why. love u bff :)

p/s : kenapa entah aku rasa macam aku taip entry ini untuk boyfriend. wakaka, dont get me wrong. im not in love :O