December 26, 2010

Couldn't Face it ❤

I couldn't help it. you're too nice to me. too sweet to me. I'm not ready for a commitment does not mean I am waiting for you to be the one. It doesn't me I'm seeing someone else. sometimes friends are meant to be friends forever. Its not possible to become lover but I don't think it could work out between us.

When you said I love you, I just smile. Why? I love You is a powerful words. I dont want you to get into my games. stop saying you will wait. I don't want to use harsh words because it will break you. and because you are my bestfriend, I just ignore you and keep on telling I am busy.

don't you see it? we used to text for hours. but now we don't. I'm trying my best to avoid you. although my friends know you are the perfect one, I just couldnt. nothing will last forever. That doesn't me I feel the same way for you like the way you feel for me.

we just bestfriend. and forever will be. I rather spend my life alone than get broken once again. it hurts me even more when i know the one who i used to loved are now loving and missing somebody. that person is not me. and that smile of him, is for her. Her.