December 22, 2010

Sweetest . Deactivate Myspace ❤

16th December 2010, Thursday. I finally deleting MySpace account for real. banyak sangat kenangan terindah disana. semuanya lah. i deleted it. yay me! :) but sayang sekali nak delete account friendster....

i uploaded this pictures into myspace back then. last year. it was my birthday. i cant believe i actually delete them all. like. all of it -.-

i've been thinking wether i should delete it or not. i've been considered it for quite a long time and on that 16th Dec i just know it is for the best. facebook is my everything. and this blog too. so why i should worried deleting it. pfft....

yeah. i just did it. bye MySpace. i'll be missing you :')

and i guess now that seems awkward for
someone i know asking something like this. lol. we're just classmate.

maybe you should consider to stop teasing me. coz when you start doing that, i'll be blushing for no reason. itu satu. takkan dengan classmate sendiri nak segan. masalah segan saya dengan lelaki ini memang tidak dapat diubati. dulu sanggup je dating jalan jauh-jauh sebab segan. lala~

this is sweet :P

no one ever actually put my picture as their wallpaper. anyway, i love the colour of your hp. told you to buy that colour. thanks for listening. hihi, baran saya tak kira masa.~

p/s : dont get me wrong. we're just friend.