January 28, 2011

Circle of Life ❤

Have u ever heard of song called Don't Cry Joni where Joni(girl) wrote a letter to a guy name Jimmy say she's in love with him and begging him to wait for her to grow up and she'll save all of her love in the mean time but then Jimmy refused to do so and then he left the town. 5 years after, he felt sorry and can't stop thinking about her, finally he went back to his hometown and went to the house next door which is Joni's house. he finally confess that he love her and ask her to marry him but sadly Joni going to marry his own bestfriend, John.

What about the movie "All About Steve"?? have you ever seen it before? I love watching that movie over and over again and blaming the Steve guy for being annoyed with Marie(Sandra Bullock). I'm not sure how to spell both of their name. at the end of the movie, we could see Steve finally "likes" Marie. for real.

I'm not sure what i'm trying to explain here but the point is I feel annoyed with one guy in my U. and yesterday a group of my friends pursued me to actually talk to him heart to heart and just tell him the truth. and this movie All About Steve and this song Don't Cry Joni, make me think about him. i'm not sure why but i felt sorry for him. i'm not even trying to talk to him. coz i am please with all of his gifts actually :D it is sweet though. I got present almost every week! :P that was so lame, i know.

but the important part is he makes me happy! but i blew him away. LIKE SERIOUSLY. yesterday my friends start calling him right after last class on that day. yadaaa yadaa, and they start talking like stop trying to approach me yadaa yadaa and stop trying to buy me present and stop waiting for me and yadaa yadaa. I ACTUALLY KNOW HOW HE FELT. but i pretend i didnt see them through his eyes. yeah, i know. i've been in the situation where i get rejected! HAHAHAHAHAHA. like duhh T_T

so its about 1 hour we start talking and trying to communicate with him. all of his friends were there too. and that night i just cant stop thinking about him. can't you believe that? T_T what's wrong with me? he don't even text. yeah, like of course he woudn't! what if i was him, of course i wouldn't text myself either. HAHA.

and today i start to talk to my friends about this weird feeling and all these craps thinking about him. yeah, i think i'm falling for him and now all of my friends start saying "KAU MACAM KELING BOLEH TAK? KEJAP NAK KEJAP TAK NAK? KAU INGAT DIA APA?"

-.-'' i don't know. then i started to talk to myself wether i should meet him up or not. and after class on this day, one of my friends gave me a huge paper bag containing a really really cute gift! from him again. of course. he bought that a week before. and i was like T_T~~

now they asking me to confess. surely i wouldn't. i keep saying to myself ; lagi baik menyesal dari tiba-tiba nak cakap "I like You". gila. aku tak nak kapel.