February 01, 2011

Konflik dalaman ❤

bila tiada masalah, rasa macam kosong. bila dapat tahu ex sudah ada someone, kemana perasaan aku pergi. kosong lagi. bila tiada message diterima di handphone... :D senyum bahagia. bila ada message rasa macam nak tak nak balas pula. bila cuti means freedom. no communication. bila kawan lelaki ajak keluar, 1001 alasan aku bagi. bila kawan perempuan ajak keluar, kejap nak kejap tak nak. bila diri sendiri ajak diri sendiri keluar, mungkin baru confirm keluar.

right now, saya hanya ingin macaron, 1 ticket to watch khurafat and someone to follow me everywhere i go. coz seriously i really need an ipod touch. im so bored to death right now. and please stop saying i'm rich coz i'm not.

dan seriously how he's doing there right now? i'm worried. i deleted his contact number long time ago. there's no internet there. and the only way i could get connected to him is by calling him. oh yeah, like i know how to call him right away -.-'' i dont even know what is roaming. er

yes. im worried. but everytime i think about it, i keep on thinking about the other girls which would probably are more worried than i do right now. yes. i know he has someone. eh, what am i thinking.