February 07, 2011

What's wrong? ❤

I just got my result for my Accountancy test this evening. I was like :D and then I begin to "....."

most of my friends scored the highest mark which is 100%. I got 91% for my first quiz this semester. It was damn frustrating. and people look up and said "Kacang jela kan?". I know they wasn't referring to me but that's not what they're suppose to do when others were really dissapointed in their marks. mungkin isu ini akan bare in my mind until final, that will keep me to study harder and harder.

I hate when people starting to push me. I have my limit. I know what I'm doing with my academic. I know them well and I know when the time I should stop playing around.

paling pelik bila orang suka kaitkan hati batu with me. It feels a lot weird. I'm not made of stone. I have feelings. like seriously I'm not having a crush on someone. for real. I know where's my heart belong to. I'm getting used to the feeling of being alone and bottle up all my feelings inside. the best way, swallowed them. 

I'm not sure who's my real friend are who would be there for me up and down. stand by my side and know me really well. better than I know myself. 

I just hate the feeling of being in love and I hate myself when I'm in love.

p/s : cakap jangan sebarang cakap, sekeras hati aku, aku ada perasaan juga macam manusia yang lain.