April 22, 2011

Domo my monster ❤

Yesterday I spend about RM40 for the stuff above. in my mind was like "DOMO DOMO DOMO". macam budak umur 5 tahun. it take me right back when I was in highschool when I was so obsessed with CJ7 and my sister kindly bought me a big version of cj7.

tapi saya nak beg sandang domo, kenapa saya beli beg seperti di atas. kenapa T_T tak sangka dapat jumpa keychain angry bird! :) 'our' favourite game.


ok. enough talking. study sampai lebam. esok bermulanya final. goodbye world.


ieda said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaa! i pun suka Domo !

Anonymous said...

hey nad, cute entry. just wondering if you could tell me, what was the song that u put up previously, pior to this song? i remember a girl singing the song but i forget the lyrics or even the singer. hope u could list out previous songs, thank you. btw, songs here are amazing. keep it up

NadNod said...


samalah dengan i!! :D obses dengan domo

NadNod said...

@Anonymous I'm not sure if i cant recall that. i've changed my songs a few times :P thanks anyway :)

I will post all songs i've put here before