April 17, 2011

Hair Treatment ❤

on 16th April 2011, Saturday : which means yesterday... finally saya dapat pergi join my sister untuk buat hair treatment di Gold Phoenix. it happen right after my fisioterapi. saya masih lagi pakai baju ayah saya memandangkan tangan masih tidak boleh lurus sepenuhnya.

kami tunggu selama 2 jam++.

picture above : my sister, Alak.

memang proses yang lama untuk treatment. dari pukul 5.20 petang sampai approximately at 8.00 pm baru rambut saya habis blow. haha :P rambut saya tebal -.-'' last-last 2 orang sekali buat rambut saya.

the workers there yang buat treatment for my hair siap concern why I'm wearing big clothes(he thoughts I bought the wrong size). well, then I show my left arm and we both agree I was there just to make myself calm and happy due to my condition. ceh :) yes. the hair stylist for my sister and I are 'dudes'. and they are chinese.

they persuade me to buy this and get a package for hair treatment which cost me about RM360(not including the product above). both of my sister nearly spend about RM529 each.

mahal kan? sekarang saya menyesal sebab saya pakai tudung. kenapa perlu join package ini. -.-

but anyway, we both got the professional hair stylist contact number and can make an appointment with him whenever we would like to make our hair done without waiting for hours :D