April 09, 2011

Mom&Dad Annivessary (32years since 08041979) ❤

basically my family just make a reservation in one of the hotel in Seremban recently. well, last year the last time I've been there is with my late Grandmother. seperti tahu sebelumnya, memang kami akan buat family dinner. makan sampai perut semua macam rabbit dan my sesumpah. semua bulat-bulat.

my parents annivessary was on 8th April which is yesterday. since all of my siblings are busy working on Friday, akhirnya putuskan nak berdinner minner pada malam hari Sabtu :)

the moment I walked into the lobby, everybody seems staring at me. I always look 'selekeh'. HAHA. dah selalu kena cop pelangi berjalan. kena cop fashion disaster :P

so I'm wearing my dad's clothes.

I love sushi!

ice cream :)

and for the desert is this! nyummiiieeey :)

I have it all together. sumpah suka sushi :P

32years and still going strong :)

my siblings including me.

I love this. it taste like chicken chop. 

my father feel pity since I can't actually hold the fork. I gave up right after that when most of the people who sit near our table start to laugh at me -.- so I used my hand. duhh!

I love shrimps. dont blame me for still trying to eat them :P

before going back. I was super excited though.

My family. I bend my knees. thats why I look short.
 and my sisters wear heels and wedges thats why they look more taller :P


my sisters. malasnya nak rotate..

in the car on the way home.

I love making weird faces. bhahaha. tak suka control cun -.-

two more weeks dan besi penyangkut baju di siku ini bakal dicabut. oh yeah. lepastu tangan masih berbalut sampai 6 minggu. tangan patah pun boleh jadi bahan bualan ke? -.-


de Picasso said...

owh. anniversary parent kite same la. baru taw. my parent, 08041984. =]

NadNod said...

oh. baru tahu jugak. haha ;D