April 18, 2011

Sewing : Rabbit ❤ Fragrance Company

so this is our final project for MGT153(Business). all of the product above is made by my members in my group. I wasnt involve in the process for making this product due to my condition and I was still hospitalized. thanks to my friends who works hard to make this :') sorry for not being there.

in my previous entry, I did mention about our final presentation. so here it goes, that is our presentation :P

on 10th April 2011, Sunday, akhirnya saya kembali ke Uitm Lendu. and right after having splendid dinner with that someone, I went to our final meeting which is to touch up the product and finish the unfinish goods(?) :D Since I got nothing to do, I start sewing a rabbit.

basically our group bough several soaps(Fruitale) then wrap it up and design it. semestinya produk ini digunakan untuk diletak di dalam almari and etc.

sabun menjadi seekor rabbit.

setelah digam matanya dan dijahit hidung dan mulutnya. I tried to make a few changes like wearing a skirt for the rabbit. ugly. I KNOW. haha

I spend almost 3 hours for this. I'm not kidding :)

all of our product :)

so on 11th April 2011, Monday, we present our slide and show our product to the class. fun enough.

I only explain to the class about the logo since I design the logo -.- It was hard since I have no idea why I draw an eye with shape of love in the eyeball. okay. enough.

take care yaw :D

p/s : sometimes you dont have to ask someone wether they okay or not because sometimes it is okay to not be okay and you have no right to disagree with that. be happy with him. and leave me alone :)