May 07, 2011

Exhausted day ❤

On Tuesday, 3rd May 2011, I finally done with my physiotherapy for real and for good. It was exhausted to exercise only your injured part especially when your hand used to be hang around without any movement. it took me like 2 weeks to straighten and bend my left hand perfectly. not to mention about the bruises and the cuts -.- blurgh,. It hurts. my advice, dont ever break any of your bones.

back at home after physio, I was super hectic with my chores. cleaning my room, feeding the pets, do the dishes and oh yeah, sleeping is consider as chores to me :P

semangat tahu? semangat nak kemas bilik sebab tilam akan sampai within 2 weeks. bilik penuh dengan buku sekolah. I'm 19 now. grow up -.-'' I should consider to throw away all my barbie and bears.

my science notebook.

my previous purses that I love :) 
junk = trash.

masih nampak baru :D

previous watch.

sumpah macam bilik tak kemas sebulan. 
it tooks me 4days to actually tidy up this room.

so in the morning is my last Physio but still I need to see the doctor in the evening. I  was quiet dissapointed with the management there. not to mention about the loooooooong queue. I waited for 2 hours long just to see the doctor. even more worse other patients cut my queue without my notice. since I'm the only malay there, it is far unfair. I know majority of the patients including the doctor and the nurse are indian and chinese, but where's my right? -.-

still, I tried to put a smile on my face. although luka di parut sudah bernanah(tapi dah pecah) dan luka sekali lagi, doctor dengan comel sahaja menarik benang jahitan. memang rasa "sisssss"(bunyi pedih). HAHA -.- then  bermulalah trial meluruskan tangan dan bengkokkan tangan. to see wether my bone is okay.

so yeah, I did the second x-ray. since my sister works there. she did the xray thingy. can you see the broken bone? within a month baru tulang itu tumbuh dan cantum perfectly.


now I have to wait for few weeks to see the doctor again. the date is due 7th June. okay. MALAS.