May 08, 2011

NewBorn Baby . New Queen Bed ❤

hai baby girl :D 

taken on 5th May 2011.


After a week of waiting, FINALLY.. thank Allah, finally semalam(7/5) dah dapat my tilam. hee :D I was excited like getting an Iphone. blurgh. agak terkejut dengan ketebalan tilam yang dibawa -.-'' betul ke ini tilam saya?

there there :D

I have a small room  compared to other rooms in the house, I guess :P
ignore the messy room with unorganize clothes which I can't even fit in it anymore.


my brother's bed. too bad he doesn't have more than 4 pillow than I do :P

I love my pillows :) and my bed.

I love you mom and dad. thanks for this unexpected gift :)