May 09, 2011

Random ❤

since I'm getting more fatter each day and many pimples start appeal on my cheeks, my chin my forehead and even my nose!, I start to stay at home more frequently. I even have sunburn! you can see the difference on my skintone. yeah, been in Malacca , I always expose to the sunlight without worrying about my skin.

now I get stressed whenever people start complaining about this pimples. I hate the question.

"Hey.. woah, you gained weight!"
"woah! you have a big nose. and blackheads too! HAHAHAHAHAHA"

and it take me right back to the highschool moments. well, during my highschool, I gained weight too. drastically. and I have pimples all over my face. people start to tease me -.- bu-huuu.

now I need my old skintone back and my clear face. frustrating -.-''

sekarang saya mood dengan katil je. hidup saya dengan katil. all day long at home I was on my bed. jangan harap you can steal that moment with me and my bed. muahahah >:) I hate going out. wait until I feel confidence with myself. for real.

pinkish pinkish.

our star.

to be honest, saya sangat sangat sangat teringin cabinet di atas. phew. luluh hati bila terjumpa. but it was quiet expensive though. I can't afford this(haha). saving up for my Ipod touch :D

but I might buy this cabinet SOON!

England :D


setiap hari pesan dengan my parents sebelum balik rumah beli coconut milkshake dulu. 
bila dah minum, oh heaven-nya, mentang-mentang cuaca sangat panas terik :)

//*All pictures was taken on 8th May 2011