October 31, 2011

Handmade Craft : ID/Matrik Card Holder ❤

Lately I've been obsessing nak buat handmade craft. like seriously entah angin mana datang tiba-tiba semangat spend berpuluh-puluh ringgit di Daiso untuk beli fabrik jenis di atas. saya beli before final paper sem 3. gambar di atas diambil dari seorang blogger : My Luverly Craft.

go to their website to see more interesting and cute handcraft. boleh order untuk pembelian secara online.

website seterusnya yang menghasilkan wonderful handcraft ialah Pink Heart Craft yang diuruskan/diusahakan oleh Yatie Musa. her craft is amazing :) sangat adore sampai saya siap order handmade handphone charms. but right after I bank-in, dia terpaksa return the money due for her future(University life. hectic schedule). kecewa di situ :'( but it's okay :) although I couldn't make amazing craft like they did, at least I've tried. kan?

so I purchased this at Momoe on 27th October 2011. maybe it suppose to be for keys? or maybe handphone or something? :P

and later, my mom gave me this book that contains all the tutorial how to sew a rose, how to sew button and so much more. I was amazed! :D and I accidently try it on right after I read and study them. it doesnt turn out so well but I guess it was worth it since I'm the newbie in this profession :P

so let's see my creation!!!! :D


Honestly, I'm sort of clumsy and worse in sewing. hehe :p although it doesnt turn out quiet right, I'm proud of myself. so I left this id card holder on my bedside. just for inspiration wether I should re-decorate it or make a new one since Apple green, and pastel pink is my favourite colour. not to mention pastel yellow and turqoise and purple

by the way, I asked my mom how to sew right before I try make one. I wish I could learn more from her since she's amazing in sewing. she even sew her own dress back then when she's still a teenager. not to mention her cooking skills! I could never ask for more. she's the greatest MOM! :)

Then I found an idea to put a lace material and some ribbon and beads :D

here I sew a button on the corner :)

and finally I sew some more beads. I know! it turns to be tooooooooooooo fancy. some said its nice and cute in a positive way. maybe some said I'm just showing off for next semester ahead.

for your information, everytime I have a long holiday, I try something new! last semester break I learn how to sew beads and re-decorate my sister's baju kurung for her graduation day. turn out, it was magical :P since many people have been praising me for that. HAHAHA.

perhaps, someday I learn how to build rabbit house and Sugar Glider house using woods and learn how to paint! I talked too much. and how many grammar error in this entry :P

THANKS FOR READING. I love all my followers, my silent readers and enemies :)


Ayien Ocaca said...

hehe...aku ingat kan yang atas tu ko yang wat...
bru nak minx satu...
cehhh nak mintak x leh bla kan... :)

NadNod said...

HAHA. impossible la kan aku buat yang atas tu :P tak cukup pandai lagi. mintak boleh je tapi tunggu aku dapat buat cantik cantik ;p