November 10, 2011

Dazzling Blink Blink ❤

I might be more obsessive over few things in my life. I dont know how it ended up like a cheap laptop to some people because I keep on sticking stuff on it. but hey, As long as I love them, nothings matter. doing stuff we love make us a happy person.

A happy person like me get a chubby cheeks and a big ass. opps. inappropriate :P

so this is My Instax Mini 25s. I guess this camera maybe one of the main list girls' wants nowadays. but some said its just a waste of money. again, waste. like I said, As long as you love it, nothing else matters. its your own money.

compare to digital camera and DSLR that you can take like bizillion photos, it cant challenge this poloroid camera. it is memorable! it print straight away. plus all those photos have been taken by this camera I paste it on my bedroom wall. someday it will be full of memorable pictures :')

I dont want to waste the blink blink on this camera. because :P er, not enough blink! I might be shopping soon just to make this camera bedazzled the way I wanted. so this is for temporary :)

at the back of the camera. setepek tampal :P

here's my calculator. you know how insane I could be if this calculator was stolen or perhaps all the sticker fall off. its my precious sweetest thing. I have a lot of sweet memories with this calculator.

1. my sister bought this for me.
2. it has sticker from my friends.
3. it has my lover name. I mean. ex. er -.-


for this time, saya malas nak potong potong and susun blink blink macam handphone saya. jadi saya teruskan dengan beli blink blink yang terus tampal setepek :)

awww :')

so here it is. new calculator's clothing. a lil bit dull and perhaps much more empty spaces that still can be fill with blink. like I said, I need to shop some more.

tape "NAADHIRAH" tu sayang nak buang terus although dah rosak. sebab roomate yang bagi :')