November 10, 2011

Taylor Made. Saturday . 5th November 2011 ❤

My sister getting married this upcoming April 2012. seems like long way to go but yet we still start to consult with our tailor about how our dress should be.

I hope I could get the chance to wear Maxi Dress but the tailor keep saying I look like a mother of two if I'm wearing one. My mom couldn't agree more. so I just agree on everything she suggested -.-

This is the first time we went here. I love all her collection of baju kurung. she makes it turn out to be like an expensive taylor made. I love that white baju kurung. cute isnt it for majlis pernikahan/solemnization? :)

by the time we got home that particular evening, I was starving and craving for a slice of Domino Pizza. I love DOMINO :D thanks mom bagi beli :P

I love this cake so much! tak tahu nama apa. saya panggil Chocolate Indulgence with banana :D

yet, I love my chocolate brownies. thank sister for paying for these :P