December 18, 2011

My Improvised Product ❤ Presentation Day 15/12/2011

Assalammualaikum :)

the above picture is my improvised product for Friskies dry cat food.

I wasn't actually fully prepared for my presentation. it wasnt went well at all! I guess because I'm just to narrow in confident and I slip out all of my points. I should have talk in front of the mirror for days in order to be a good presenter. blurgh.

I lost my confident and a lot of points are missed out on that day.

with shaking hand. my friends said my hands was like ice cold right before my turn to present. LOL.

I better practice how I pronounce my words.

there's no point why I upload 8 pictures of myself presenting in front of the class alone. this is a single presentation. since our English subject does not have a final paper for this semester. better yet, the final marks are all based on our presentation and reports and proposal we've made. so it was freaking scary since I have the fear of talking in front of the entire class. suddenly I feel like I never met my classmate. like I never even known them. 

during that particular day, only 9 people presented their slides. I'm the 6th presenter. yeah, it was super horrified. congratulations to my friends that has been praised by Madam for the best presentation ever. clap clap clap :D

next time Nad, please rehearse before you present! ='(