December 30, 2011

Wishlist ❤

Diana Mini "Love is in the Air".

I've been in craving for this camera for a long time I guess. 
I'm not sure why. maybe because of the design :3


right after I bought Instax Mini 25 online, I eagerly wish to have Instax Mini 50 right away. 

Instax Mini 25 is like a new version of Instax mini 7s
whereas Instax Mini 50 is a new version of Instax Mini 25 :)


the best features about this instax, it has self-timer. 

the thing is when I used Instax mini 25, whenever I ask random people to snap a picture out of it, they doesn't have a clue how to do it. with a self-timer, I WILL SNAP MY OWN PICTURES. THANK YOU :P


Instax Wide 210 

the one that I wish for. it is much cheaper than Instax Mini 25. I wonder why I buy Instax Mini 25 on the first place. the feature that I love about this camera, it has wide film. 

which mean A LOT OF PEOPLE CAN FIT IN A PHOTO. one day I will own one of this. InsyAllah :)
//*the film is much expensive than Instax mini 7/25/50s.

Nikon 1 J1 (Pink set)

I have been introduced to this cute camera by Irine Nadia.

cry baby cry...
tak mampu yok! :)


Rainbow Al-Quran

it comes we different size. small, medium and large. the large one cost about RM122. I did manage to find a website that sell this Al-Quran online. sadly, the website can't easily be trusted. and the rainbow Al-Quran with pink cover will be restock in January 2012.

hope to buy it soon for my special someone. tettt. for my sister :)


I love roses. red, pink, purple, blue, yellow. any kinds of color. and combination of that color is magnified! I love this roses. it is proven that it grow naturally.

I'm not sure wether this type of roses available in Malaysia.

Invented by Peter van der Werken, the owner of a flower company close to Den Bosch, Holland, rainbow roses look like they’ve been seriously modified in programs like Adobe Photoshop. But, they are actually the result of careful flower engineering. Dye is inserted into the stem of the rose as it’s growing, and the petals simply absorb it. Sounds easy enough, but it’s a very difficult process.

Sadly, you can’t buy rainbow rose bushes, only cut, or dried flowers. And even those come at a price meant to keep most of us away. Five cut rainbow roses sell for $55 and two dozens cost up to $325. But it you’re going to spend a small fortune on a flower, why not buy a freeze-dried rainbow rose that will last for years.
Credits to : Oddity Central

aren't they beautiful :) I sure hope someday I have the chance to buy a bouquet of rainbow roses and Rainbow Al-Quran altogether.

this is just a random entry. just a few items that I hope someday I'll have it. I'm not hoping for someone special to fulfill this wishlist. i'm not a princess :D

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