March 19, 2012

Elianto for turning 20th ❤

received MMS from my sister last night. she managed to buy my birthday present eventually :P although I was expected she would buy me Skin Food product that could cost a fortune :P HAHA. joke joke.

I love Skin Food product. but due to the cost for each product, I shall prefer Elianto :)

my sister also has warned me, my birthday gift should not exceed RM300. well..... if you have any balance from RM300, due let me know sis? HAHAHA. I did requested for eye shadow, eye primer and even foundation and any make up product. BUT tak ada peluang nak dapat compact press powder or loose powder. sebab tak tahu skin tone apa :( <<---- muka minta simpati. tak tahu bersyukur.

tak tahu nak ekspress terima kasih macam mana. nak kata i love you pun segan. HAHAHA. sila sila bagi hadiah selalu. muka bahagia dapat hadiah v(^^)


♛ Dea Arematt ♛ said... pon bru soping elianto..;p