March 06, 2012

Jakel ❤ 25022012

my sister's wedding is a few weeks away and we are still not prepared!
especially on our outfit on the day.

right after Shana's brother's wedding(get what i mean? HAHA), only then we have the times to go out shopping. JAKEL of course.

we're looking for a piece of cloth that worth to be sew into a maxi dress. LYCRA! :)

cotton. I love them a lot! seriously in love with that turqoise.

I managed to persuade my mom to buy me one of this. not all of it. 4 metres.

second choice. but then too common.

my father's choice. there he is, showing his teeth. 
last week he swallowed one of it while eating. HAHA!

my beloved sister, Alak. she just bough a new phone. Samsung Galaxy note.
kenapa gambar di atas rosak? because i look pale and weird. motif? :P

i did choose two.

for baju melayu.

memang akhirnya semua bertema warna warni.

the management. memberikan pendapat.

baju kurung for my mom. got a discount for this. huge deal.

later that night, my brother and his wife came along to our house.
Domino's pizza for dinner! yummie :)

looking forward for a slice of pizza with chicken wings.

thank you for reading.