March 08, 2012

Love ❤

in the month of February, 9th to be exact, bought this black shirt for only RM9 at Brands Outlet.

you even could get a blazer for only RM9! no kidding.
I guess it was a clearance stock and all of the items are located at the corner of the outlet.
maybe some might not noticed that?

actually it's a men shirt. but I prefer to wear them. more loose. it cover your thing down there at the back if you know what I mean?

I've been wanting this for so long! seriously. for every carnival there is in campus, I saw people buying this. but sadly, I wasn't one of them. I bough this at Port Dickson.

Teluk Kemang to be exact.
numerous color to choose from. variety shapes and variety colour of alphabet and number.

I'm obsessed with the number of 23. 
I was born in 23rd March. duhh?

and one thing that I always wanted is a PSP.

I'm a huge fan of this. like seriously, I could barely stop playing 'em. only if I have one :P usually I borrowed it from my friends, cousins. hee. and I wonder why people start laughing while seeing I'm playing this? -.-'

trust me, the battery will be 0% if you hand over your PSP to me.

Nyum Nyum is my all time favourite!!!

I love the one with the colorful cereals in it. sadly, it hard to be find even in grocery store :(

oh chocolate :) love em! no, kidding. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate. you'll be sorry for ever give a bar of chocolate to me. take me ages to finish them up. hee. but this one is my ultimate favorite! hee

and donuts! yes! the next favorite :)

again, I would like to say ALL TIME FAVORITE! :)

personally, I do not know why I post this. random :)