March 17, 2012

Rose . Necklace . cuppies ❤

so my mom bought few types of roses to be planted at our mini garden. when I say types here mean the color of the rose. we got white, yellow and red. recently it just blossom. last week to be exact. my sister took the red rose. whereas this week i pluck yellow rose for my room. not fully blossom but soon :)

does anyone spot grasshopper in the picture above?

place the rose right inside my favorite vase which was recently fully covered with dust. here on this little section where I put my jewellary. music box. broach box. even accessories which hardly wear by me.

this is me. 7 years old. still young and innocent and talkative and make nonsense stuff like putting on make up and wear shades to school. when I was 7, I always dream what would i be when I turn 20. 

as I went home for temporary break from final examination this weekend, I was surprise by what I found on my little section in the room. the black thing right there which is the necklace holder and also can be used to hang up my earrings. if I have any.

thank you to my sister and my mom from remembering me :P
truly appreciated :')

I'm still obsessed with cupcakes. recently bought.

thank you for giving your time to read this <3


aina said...

necklace holder tu sgt sweet. and unique. lawa lah :)

NadNod said...

hee :D thank u. tu pun hadiah dari family :)

emelkhaf said...

how do u edit the pictures got the yellow blink semua? care to share?
tq (=

NadNod said...

@emelkhaf from a website :)