March 08, 2012

Sri Hartamas ❤ 03032012

first week of study week just began.

cousin's wedding located at Sri Hartamas.

the place was amazing! I was stunned by the view. many foreign people at Mount Kiara.
I thought I was in United Kingdom somehow.

Mount Kiara is a dream come true if I have the opportunity to live there.

banyak Mat salleh :)

so here I am at the Kiara View, Sri Hartamas. click here to see how it looks like inside. 

Trust me. you'll be amazed! the house around this area cost around RM2 000 000 000. 
no kidding. the rent/month is RM8000. most of foreign people live here.

if you have that "kind" of money, anything is possible.

this is not the living room. 

the house is occupied with 3 rooms upstairs and 1 guest room downstairs. 3 bathroom. 1 laundry room, 2 kitchen for wet and dry. a dining room, 2 stores, a room for clothing! :')

Rombongan dari pihak lelaki sudah sampai :)

My aunt.

menu for lunch :

 sangat sangat sedap. sebab ada 3 jenis sambal belacan. ni namanya baru orang Negeri Sembilan :)

 Ulam. must have!

oh and for dessert, I ate 10 times because of this. LOVE LOVE!

bloated tummy at the end of the day ;(

merisik. perbincangan tarikh pernikahan.

perbincangan tentang mas kahwin.

alololor. I love cupcakes :') BOOKED.

hanya 1 yang menarik mata saya.

yang saya sangat jatuh cinta.

ini dia bride and groom to be :)


pelamin mini di bilik tidur.

the mattress. 

dadih kelapa. kegemaranku...

actually I was trying to tell you how amazed I am with this cake.
Only people who closed to me know how much I love the color of sky.

Mungkin akan jadi my birthday cake for this month of March. 
kalau ada duit semuanya boleh jadi :)