March 18, 2012

While cleaning up my room... ❤

I love love love collecting birthday's candle. keep them in the box. some of it will be used for my birthday this week. wehuu. I'm always excited on my birthday when everyone else seems like they don't care. 

sad. but true.

the yellow rose that I'd pluck from the backyard has been blossom quite well yesterday. should supply with efficient water.

found this birthday candle yesterday. this was for my twin. which recently have been not in touch for quite some times. we haven't meet for quite some times. how i miss good old days during high school. fighting and the arguing seems more fun.

door gift or souvenier from weddings ceremony. love 'em!
love floral vintage. and pastel colour and soft pink combined with white. <3

that is me and my bestfriend during high school :  form 2. haven't met her for quite some time to due to the distance. i miss her.

I'm not a fan of make up although I love to watch make up tutorial and almost joining make up class which might cost me RM90. phewww. this make up utensils are just too expensive for a student like me. maybe i should consider to work to earn money. or maybe I should consider to wait until i graduate and get employ only then this ugly duckling turn into a swan.

you get what i mean? okay. that's all for now. goodbye. have a nice day :)