April 03, 2012

27032012 : menghabiskan Baucar ❤

I spend the voucher of 1 Malaysia so easily -.- bought useless things that I dont even need. now I feel sorry for spending it. should have wait and buy a great cupcakes recipes or maybe buy some cool stuff in MPH. pity pity. I spend it on art. 

so as for last Thursday, 27tth March 2012, my parents and I accompany my sister to MPH. she didn't know that we need to have IC in order to use the voucher. funny :P

sadly, I wasnt persuade enough to insist my sister to pay for my keyboard sticker :(

well, before we went shopping, have a chance to taste the sweeteness of the ABC at the food court. unfortunately, it wasnt sweet at all. need more sugar in it. perhaps someone should supply them artificial sweetener. it's ABC. it needs to be sweet :P

grammar error. i dont even care!