April 07, 2012

Birthday Treat from Shana ❤ 1 April 2012

Assalammualaikum. sudah lama tidak update dengan perkembangan terbaru dalam kehidupan. I was too busy or perhaps I just made them up. on 1st April, Shana one of my bestfriends personally insisted me to go out on that particular evening for an ice cream treat which is eventually for my 20th birthday. I am 20 on 23rd March. I can't stop talking about my birthday am I? haha :P

ticking our order.

our Ice Cream. terima kasih Shana!!

Fresh Strawberry fruit Snow Ice. mine :D

Avocado Snow Ice. Shana's.

as for Farah, Mango Pomelo Snow Ice

Farah's. the sweet thing is what was craved on the back surface of the ipod.

the receipts.

on our way to Lake Garden.

I wasn't even ready :P
not just me. 

Love Love Love.

more pictures.




sahabat selamanya :)

the awkward moment when I suddenly look so flawless -.-

till we meet again :')