April 02, 2012

Cupcakes for 20th Birthday ❤

ini cupcakes yang saya hadiahkan kepada diri sendiri on 21st March 2012. 2 days before my birthday. sound weird and psycho sebab order cupcakes untuk birthday sendiri 2 weeks before and pay for it kemudian excited menyanyi lagu birthday seorang diri and blow the candles.

haha. sound cliche. saya tempah cupcakes ni daripada Lissa&Rayyan my little cupcakes. business cupcakes ni operated at Melaka. so sesiapa yang duduk Melaka, boleh lah tempah and self pickup or delivery(which will be charged RM10).

saya punya sayang nak makan sampai sanggup simpan dalam container and ruined the design -.-

as for 31st March, I received a box of cupcakes delivered directly through my house. thank you to my eldest sister, Asya,  for a spending a fortune on this cute cuppies cakes :D

rasa excited seorang diri ketika ini.

you can search for Nikihs' cuppies. cake mereka memang terbaik! :) 
including the design.

they operated in Seremban. their house located at Taman Panchor Jaya.

my sister accidently spell my name wrong :P

I just love the ribbon.

even secure for certain cupcakes to not be eaten by others.

happy faces of my cousins.

there you go.
Happy 20th Birthday Naadhirah.

i dont even had the chance for someone or a group of people singing happy birthday to me this year. haha