June 28, 2012

London Summer Musical @ Amphitheater, Sunway Lagoon ❤ 27/06/2012

3 weeks ago, I was eager to join this contest. Sing away your summer days with Sunway Lagoon! click the link there to read my entry about this contest. I actually won a pair of tickets! haha! 

I'm not sure if i'm allowed to printscreen my email and paste it here :P

27th June 2012, Wednesday.

it was a long drive to the Nuffnang office. eventually i did get lost because I couldn't find the main building. luckily someone show us the way. I actually forgot Nuffnang has moved to the same building but just below their old office. at first, I was shocked when they told me someone has picked up my tickets for me. and i was like T_T seriously~~

when I told her my email address, she noticed that in the list of the winner there was 2 Amirah :D haha.

tired face -.- picture can be deceiving. don't trust what you see on the internet.

I got the Blue Zone.

The back of the tickets.

after picking up the tickets, I went to Sunway Pyramid for shopping spree! okay, I was joking. My financial issues are yet not have been settle. soooo, I have to cut down all my expenses for shopping like for seriously. but anyway, I did managed to get myself a sweater from Forever 21 :)

just before the show start, I bought myself a menu from Hot & Roll. okay, I forgot the name.
FIRST TIME EVER makan ni :D sedaaaap sangat :)

I manage to get to the Surf Beach entrance at 7.30 PM. it was a long walk to the entrance of Surf Beach, Sunway Lagoon. but there will be a train waiting for you after the entrance. I was lucky to have a private sit just by myself ;D 

but after the show was over, it will be a long wait since all the audience will be waiting for the train :) I got the chance to ride one of those wheels like a car for driving around golf area, if you know what i mean -.- HAHA

 the ride on the train wasn't that long but I did manage to see what's in Sunway Lagoon since I've never been there before. JAKUN KEJAP JAKUN. it's like you making tour around Sunway Lagoon :)

I didn't get a chance to snap picture of the main entrance of Amphitheatre. it was crowded when I arrived there. I did manage to hide my snacks from Hot and Roll in my bag. haha

There will be a guy who assist you to your sit and a guy that would provide you soft drink and snacks. well, of course you need to buy to have it.

since I'm not capable of to have the ability to be so professional in managing my sister's camera, I have problem snapping pictures T_T

here I am with the stage as the background.
now I can wish to have my very own DSLR.

okay here the sad part, since I got a free ticket, that doesn't mean I can sit whenever I want. the one who buy the ticket itself would have the chance to choose your own seat. more closer to the stage, more pricey it gets. 

here's my sit at first and I was rather dissapointed. but since there were not many audiences, I decide to sit on the empty seat in the middle but still on the blue zone. haha >:)

Big BIG fan.

in love in love.

I'm so in love with the main character, William role play by Sam Hallion.
and when seeing them singing this song, I was super excited!! 

overall, I enjoy the show and the ticket was worth it if you get the best seat. haha :P

so here's the rate the seat.

for more info

log on to www.asia-experience.com


syAzAnA said...

wow, what an awesome experience! hehehe. besttnyaaa! aaaaaaa.

eh, awak pergi kan wedding irine. nanti jumpa kat sana taww! insya-Allah. :)

syaz follow blog ni!

CikMai said...

mai tak penah pergi sana....

NadNod said...

@syAzAnAhee. memang best! aah, pergi jugak wedding irine :) mesti ramai blogger kat sana. jumpe kat sana!

NadNod said...

@CikMaimana tahu suatu hari nanti dpt jugak pergi sana :)

syAzAnA said...


NadNod said...

nad rasa nad pun nampak syaz jugak. haha ;D nad masa tu mcm blur2 lagi