August 04, 2012

AXE Anarchy Island Getaway

my best efforts to be suave or in the term of charming to opposite sex is by being myself. instead of trying to be opposite side of me. in general, I am a very good listener. I love to listen to people problems. not to solve it. but at least trying to be connected with the particular person to make them relief and less burden and stress out :)

Smile more and less stress.

my next best efforts of being suave is smiling. it is somehow very attractive instead being emotional over eveything (What i normally does sometime). haha :) 

you might feel curious or feel awkward when I'm talking about my best efforts being suave. actually I'm joining another contest from Nuffnang which end on 31st August 2012. the prize are :

TWO (2) invites to the all-expense paid 4 Days 3 Nights trip, exclusively for you Nuffnangers! In addition, there will be 10 consolation prizes consisting of 1 year worth of AXE products worth RM200!

I deserve to be send to Anarchy Island because it would be the first time I get a chance to getaway for a holiday trip after almost hectic schedule of mine and I get the chance to explore a wonderful island for the first time (i love travelling).

Thank you :)