September 29, 2012

The last week before Study Week Begin :)

Thursday // 20th September 2012

we're having our final test for English or the code name which is BEL 313. for those who's taking accountancy, you will need to take this course until you're in semester 5 :) trust me, it getting more harder for each semester. in semester 3 you will learn about plagiarism. Alhamdulillah, I'm doing well during that semester. when you're in semester 4, you will have to stand in front of the class to present as individual. well, it was a great semester till semester 5 although a few circumstances that make me hate going back to Melaka. many ups and down. Alhamdulillah, semester 5 is almost over. just a few weeks.

For BEL/English, there will be no special date or any requirement for a hall to sit for the paper. instead we take the test in the class. I hope i'm doing well T_T

our beloved lecterur, Sir Abdul Ghafar :)

he kindly capture a few pictures of my classmates and I during the Test.

if you can see, some of my classmates already set a pose for the photo.
where's me? in the pink scarf. I look sorta chubby :P 
of course I am because I eat 5times a day! haha


on the same day, right after taxation class........

voting time! after hilarious campaign that I heard around campus where a guy recorded his singing in a manner to persuade students to vote for the new Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar (MPP).

it was a long queue though.

here I am with the cutest girl in class which by the way are adored by most of the gentleman :P 

the weird thing that we have in common are sometimes we both are being abandoned, but yet we make it through with our own way. now she has friends. but I'm still a loner. lol :)

with my fellow classmates that are totally awesome :)
they are the "brainy"(pandai!) one in class :)

after voting using the computer provided, we were served with "food and beverages".
luckily my name start with an A, because I got to be on  the first row to enter the room to vote :)


Friday // 21st September 2012

with our Law lecterur, Madam Salmiah.

for those who attend the class, we managed to write a lil note (well, some make an essay for her. hehe) for her. seperti sesi luahan hati :) 

and to be honest, the last day before study week does bring me a lil bit of tears :')

after our last test for Taxation, I received a note on my bed with my baju kurung :)
thank you nad!

funny part is that I have 2 housemate that used the nickname, Nad. 
that is basically how I come up with the name NADNOD.
because I guess I can make a different. lol.


later that evening, I went back home (Seremban!)

who knows that Mcdonald actually served Samurai Burger with no Bread???????
this happen when I used the drive thru services -.- 
who's to blame? 

me as the customer or the management?

which on the first place the employee/staff forgot to hand me over my 2 mcflurry and then misplaced my double burger with single burger? or the cashier who is clumsy enough to charge me a double burger and reluctant to give receipt for the purchase?? 

well done Mcdonald Senawang. YOU'VE DONE A GREAT JOB -.- I'm being sarcastic here.

awesome. just awesome. -.-


oh by the way, I purchase a new compact powder. hee :P 
tak ada motif pun. tapi saje. 

okay. bye :)


Khalilah MNor said...

Enjoy all these moment...:) Miss my friends too~! I'm new here dear sis.

NadNod said...

:) salam perkenalan!

Tulus Sweet said...

Salam perkenalan juga...orang seremban ke? saya Pilah :)