October 23, 2012

End of Semester 5 . Pink Nokia Bluetooth Headphone

Empat paper di Dewan Taming Sari untuk semester ini ;)

Sarah in blue baju kurung and Kak Umie in red scarf. 
this picture was taken right after MAF/ Costing paper.

received the MUET letter that contained the result. many of fellow friends did not do well on their MUET.
although I did not perform well, Alhamdulillah because I managed to achieve Band 3.

Been in the library for like 2 weeks straights every day from morning until 6 PM and continues after perform Isya' prayer. its been like this for the past 2 weeks of the examination. hectic moment.

but yet, we still managed to take our time to shop via online. or what we call in marketing, E-retailing.

before we deposit our money, we received summon from the police traffic. way not cool. 

only then we went for lunch or brunch at 11am :) and next we headed to Ayer Keroh at the pick-up-point

here are the three boxes. each cost RM65.

I'm wearing Samsung but yet I choose bluetooth headphone from Nokia.
hate headphone with wired. always get ruined after 3 months or 6 months usage.

dusty dusty.

at the moment when we were trying to connect the bluetooth headphone to our handphone which by the way have the same name which is BH-03. by the time we try to connect to our headphone, we were confused because there was three similar name. 

in the picture above is Ifa and Hasrul.

only them that have the courage to bring the headphone with the box to the library. not because to show it off  but you know that feeling when you have new things that you would carry everywhere for the first few days. lol. I still do especially when I buy expensive or specialty product :)

since I have the obsession with Pink,
I colored my headphone with pink using nail polish.

so this is how it turns out. a bit messy ;)

its like the icing of the cake that is melting down. 
it took layer by layer or shall we say coat by coat to achieve this look because I bought a wrong formulated nail polish. silly me :) maybe I shall buy a new nail polish soon to modify the color and the textures.

oh love love.

thank you for taking your time to read.