October 07, 2012

Random. CIMB. Gelang emas . Johnny's

pictures were taken few weeks ago :) 
barisan handphone kawan kawan. majoriti semua ada secondary phone.

25hb September, saya akhirnya berjaya membuka akaun CIMB :)

27hb September, finally trade in my earrings and necklace with a bracelet.

but then I lost my Guess Watch. i do not know wether it was stolen or somebody accidently took it or i misplaced it. seriously, i need my watch back -.-

as for last night, my family and I went to Johnny's, Jaya Jusco Seremban 2, for dinner :) it was a long queue though.

not a big fan of steamboat anyhow but still eating it. 

for your left, the first picture is me. I look so freaking pale :P but in real life, I really does look pale without make up. the reason why most of the time I put make up on before I go out, because people will start questioning why you look pale, are you sick, are you okay. nadaa nadaa.

my father, my mother and my sister :)

I wish we went there early because only then I could have the chance to buy donuts from Big Apple.

my sister bought 2 Chocolate chips biscuit (or whatever name its called because i have no idea!). as we arrived home, I found the Subway wrapping paper which is surround by cute lil ants. and then my mother literally heat it up in the oven for 2 minutes. above is the result. hot and burning chocolate chips. a bit bitter though but still tasty. HAHA

thank you for reading. please correct my grammar. motif?? HAHA