November 09, 2012

Puding Caramel . Puss in Boots. Vintage english style handbag.


disebabkan cuti sem sudah bermula, my mom taught me cara untuk buat Puding Caramel with printed recipe just for me. haha. that is just real sweet sebab saya asyik buat caramel puding for the past 2 weeks sebab addicted dengan rasa dia.

disebabkan tak tahu the best loyang yang ada, i keep using the same loyang yang boleh fit dalam magical machine ini untuk buat caramel puding. so it does look weird but it sure does not taste how it look. sedap :P bukan puji diri sendiri. tapi memang sedap. haha

cutie pie.


so here's my pudding :) aren't it look simply delicious? :P


literally i just fall in love with this cat expression every time she looks at me.
she loves being adorable and fluffy and all.
remind me of Puss in Boots in the Shrek movie.

aren't she?
her name is Pepe.


i found my black heels in the closet that have never been used for the last 2 years ;O


recently I bought a new handbag at a great deal. rasanya macam dah lama cari handbag macam ni. haha. of course jadi excited terlebih sebab on sale 50% off!

it cost me RM65

semua barang yang dijual di kedai itu adalah barang yang berdesign sebegini which is by the name I Gardern (Located in Sungei Wang Plaza on the ground floor nearest to the ATM machine and Elianto).

ada jual purse juga. i was so frustrated i didnt buy them -.-
kalau ada jam juga, me want!!

mungkin sesetengah tak suka. BUT I LITERALLY LOVE IT!!

haha. it comes with three base color, white, blue or black. and I chose this!

i just keep posting it on instagram because i love it so much :P

it is just amazing :D

later i will update about my new hobby which is pop art shoes. hanya aktiviti masa lapang. bukan untuk business. see you later. thanks for reading. bye :)