November 26, 2012

What your biggest fear is and how it affects your life?

I am well known to be extremely excited when it comes to creepy and horror movies. but in real life, I'm not so brave and have guts to do something extremely dangerous. my biggest fear is the heights. I'm literally afraid of heights that I could caught cold feet whenever I stand on height place.

for example this cable car. 

I always imagined a glimpse of an accident when the cable car stop working and fall off and everyone get badly injured or worse, died. because it was so height -.- I closed my eyes the whole time.

many games that I'm afraid of is at Genting Highlands. like this swing. you get swing in circle and getting higher each time around. I was literally screaming everytime. and people who's also on the same ride with me will think I might be some psychotic or pervert or something like that. I was screaming like someone trying to cut my throat -.- its only a swing. duhhh

my ultimate fear with height is challenged when I ride this game called Flying Coaster in Genting Highlands. Lol, your position is like laying down on the floor if you know what I mean. it does feel like you are some kind of superman supercicak or something. hahaha. cant stop screaming the whole time due to the fact I was to afraid of heights -.- literally cry when the ride is over.

how about this ride? Solero Shot! HAHAHA. falling down from height place.
ultimate fear too -.-

I heard a few case about a girl who claimed to ride this Solero Shot. she have a high pony tail and when the ride goes on, her hair was stuck and rip her neck off. but some said it just the scalp and there was blood all over. not sure if it is a true story. even heard there's someone died on the chair while riding it -.

i'm afraid not because of the ride goes. its because of the heights!

because of this fear, it does affect in my life such as when going somewhere on vacation and you really need to across the bridge which have the river under it.. or climbing stairs in rumah orang Melanau or else in Sarawak. or even for instant ride on cable car or goes to Taming Sari in Melaka to see the whole city in one ride.

Menara Taming Sari // Melaka Sky Tower

This upcoming December, Astro will present to us Astro's Fear Factor Malaysia! :)

My favorite artist that participate in the Fear Factor Malaysia which was held in Africa of course would be Elfira Loy and Dafi :)

I'm not sure who's going to win because there's many potential contestant. but will see :D

imagine you have to lay down in a box that full of snakes.
afraid of reptiles too -.-

Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!


so i did get the chance to participate in the fear factor challenge as stated in the above email. tapi saya buka email lambat jadi tarikh event dah terlepas pun maka saya tak berpeluanglah menang pelbagai hadiah menarik dari nuffnang. sedih. sedih.


Farah Shamsudin said...

geli laaa tengok ular tuu.. eeeiii.

Sherry said...

I am afraid of height too