March 22, 2013

Tutorial to make ringtone for Iphone

Visit this website first : make own ringtones

Browse your file for selected music/song you would like to cut to be a ringtone.

while the song is being upload, please change the format below into M4R instead of mp3.

you can cut the song based on the line arrow green and red.
green is the beginning whereas the red is the end of the song. this is the best part because you can choose how you ringtone going to start. whether from the chorus or any part of the song you like.

You can set the bitrate and also make the song fade while play on 2 3 seconds.

when you're done editing the ringtone, click the button "MAKE RINGTONE" and download ringtone.

when you're done downloading, connect your Iphone with the laptop and open the Itunes in your laptop. Then, open the menu on your left hand side and select "Add files to library".

choose the "ringtone.m4r".

to make the left sidebar appear, click "CTRL+S".

 sync by right click on the devices 

only then the "tones" section will be appear and you can sync all tones m4r you've made.

now go to settings>sounds>ringtones

there you have it, a new ringtones other than apple ringtones ;) 

i have make two ringtones for my iphone,
 just give me a reason by Pink feat Nate Russ and also Stay Stay Stay by Taylor Swift. 

enjoy your new ringtones!

if you like more tutorial from me. do let me know. insyAllah. okay, take care love~